Final conference of Bigtime Takeover seen by participants

Davide, Giovanni and Roberto, the participants from Matera to the final conference of Bigtime Takeover, have something to tell you about B.e.e. Active, the “spin-off” of Bigtime Takeover born from the collaboration of the European young participants!
“Bee active is an initiative that aims to raise awareness about climate change and pollution. we started this European project in July 2022 in Matera where a collective of young people from Italy (mulab and materahub), macedonia (mkc Skopje), cyprus (hope for children), england (rinova), Poland (artery foundation) met to carry out this project. We started by analyzing the 2030 agenda and chose 2 points that most represented us: Climate Change and Peace. After establishing our goals we created the actual Bee Active (Better Earth Education) whose purpose is to educate all generations (through the use of social) through the creation of content by cooperating.
The fundamental key to our initiative is precisely collaboration; one would not be able to find a definitive and effective solution to fight the real problems of society and pollution without exchanging ideas and learning about the realities of all the member states’ youth.
To do this, we have created social pages where we deal with current issues regarding the environment and where we periodically post content.
The content we publish is either in the form of a post/presentation or, more directly, a video/reel.
In recent months we have communicated through a discord page where, we have exchanged ideas remotely with video conferences.
It was in one of these video conferences that the idea for the most interesting format of our initiative was born: WYOA (what’s your opinion about…).
In these videos we express both our own opinion and that of the people in our cities through short interviews. As you can see, the views of people belonging to various generations are expressed in the interviews by nature different from each other but all necessary and interconnected.
Thus concluding all this to arrive at today, at the conclusion of this beautiful adventure, in which we have been involved for 9 months. Thanks to bee_active we have developed new skills (collaboration, language practice, communication).
We therefore thank:
  • The Sassi’s trio
  • The Roman’s trio (Francesco, Daniele, Alessia)
  • The Cypriots (Theresa, Natalie)
  • The boys from Poland (Mickolaj, also known as Sergio, Magda)
  • The girls from England (Flick, Kiya)


  • Sara
  • Barbara
  • Anna Maria
  • Martina
  • Wenansius
  • Trevor
  • Margarita

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