Local Arts Projects


In a series of local action projects in North Macedonia, Italy, Poland, UK, and Cyprus we created together in each country a wide range of artistic artefacts, experiences and emotions, as a part of the Bigtime Takeover’s “Youth powerpack,” which collects creative projects made by young Europeans through the use of digital tools and action projects.

The path in front: Matera

In June 2022 we all got together in Matera to meet each other in person and do something together building on the learning gained at the local experiences.

Matera, Italy​

In Matera, young people worked around the idea of discovering Matera, its history and qualities, focusing on the current state of social action and communities. “We tell about Matera” is the result we arrived at through following this process.

The video was made by Maria Elena Stella with the support of Sara and Hai Ly from Materahub, Andrea from Noi Ortadini and Joseph from IAC – Integrated Arts Center.

Rome, Italy

In Rome, Mulab implemented their Young Gurus methodology, as exemplified in the Youth Powerpack, by reversing the mentoring process so that it is the young people who explain to the adult audience what they think.
For us, a team of young creators in Italy, the Youth PowerPack is the creative project and process itself. We like to think of this Powerpack as a path following the steps we took while creating our creative project.


Young people in Poland have created Artzin, a graphic zine, that means something different for each of its creators. For some, it has been a means of artistic expression, for others, a chance to try something new, and for still others, an opportunity to become more recognised. Whatever the motivation, each of the creators has one thing in common – each of us has put in a little bit of ourselves into creating something that we are proud to present to our audience.


In Ambitions for the Future! young people, supported by HFC, explored asylum seekers’ expectations and ambitions for the future and the opportunities available to them. On this project we involved unaccompanied refugee minors from HFC shelters, local teenagers, and youth workers.

Skopje, North Macedonia

“The Garden as an Instrument, Permaculture as a Methodology” emerged as a learning project for young people in Skopje. At the Youth Cultural Centre (MKC), we have created the first institutional permaculture garden in the city, together with the artists and the staff at MKC, and supported by Hayan Alhalabi, an expert in the field of permaculture,

London, UK

In London, young people created a film documenting their experiences with social isolation during the covid lockdown, and also, with the support of Collage Arts, have created three films following visits to local arts venues in North London. In the Carbon Go Green films we explore how Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, Fashion Enter and the Pram Depot have each responded to the challenge of taking action to combat Climate Change.