The BEE Active project

Hi, welcome to BEE Active!

We are a collective of young people from Italy, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

The aim of BEE Active is to bring awareness to the current climate crisis and discuss how we can all take steps to make a change.

Content and info you should expect from us and actions

Facts about climate change, small steps we can make to change, behind the scenes work from the collective, and weekly updates from us.

How you can help make change

Join in with discussions, educate your peers, speak to your elders, communicate with classmates and coworkers, share our posts on your social media.

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What is BEE Active?

BEE Active is a collective of young people who want to make a change in the world and improve the current climate crisis.

Our Goals

Our goals are to educate people and spread awareness of the climate crisis by 2030 and the steps we can take to make a change. Education is the best way to improve habits and make a positive change in the world.

The vehicle : Discord.

In Matera we decided that the platform for communication and production management would be Discord. 

Most of us knew Discord or were already using it, and it gave us all the features that we needed, categories and chat topics, file sharing, audio and video calls for meetings, roles, which we are used to in other communities.

You can join the community if you are interested in a Better Earth Education, and would like to create content for our channels.

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