So proud! We are reducing carbon emissions

Article by Rinova

A group of 40 young people in North London have been investigating how local businesses are acting to reduce their carbon emissions.

Young people from three local schools, who are participating in Collage Arts youth programme Collage Voices, visited three arts organisations to see real world application of sustainable strategies in place.  They had the opportunity to walk around the buildings, talk to staff and ask questions about the organisations’ green agenda. The visits helped deepen their understanding of how to reduce carbon footprint and what was already going on in their own borough.

  • a group of 16-18 year olds from St Thomas More Catholic School visited Jacksons Lane Arts Centre
  • a group of 15-16 year olds from Park View School visited Fashion Enter, social enterprise devoted to re-cycling garments
  • a group of 6-11 year olds from Alexandra Primary visited PramDepot, arts-led recycling project

The young people interviewed staff at the businesses and produced three films. The businesses were also made to focus on their green agenda and in some ways be made to feel accountable for how their practices are impacting the world around us.  From the comments they sent to us following the visits and seeing the films, their sense of pride in the recognition of their work in sustainability shone through. They also realised that they were part of a broader mission and responsibility for all businesses to develop sustainable practices.

Here’s what the schools said:

We were lucky to be part of the project’. Alexandra Primary School

‘It was a brilliant project’. Park View School

‘So proud to be part of this project’. St Thomas More Catholic School

And here’s what the businesses said:

‘This is brilliant – well done to the students and the Collage Voices team’. Jacksons Lane

‘This is great – what fabulous students’. Fashion Enter

‘This is amazing, we love it!! You and the kids have done such a brilliant job of picking up and explaining all the most important parts of what we do. Thank you so much!‘  Pram Depot

See the Carbon Go Green films here:

Jackson Lane Arts Centre

Fashion Enter

Pram Depot


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