Reflections around Environment and Activism

When we found ourselves dealing with a transnational group of young people of our age, finding a “serious” common topic wasn’t that difficult.

In fact, with the Agenda 2030 in mind and divided into working groups, it immediately emerged that our shared priorities for the future were Peace and the Environment, and that these two themes are somehow interconnected.

We were in Matera, in July 2022, eighteen young people from five different countries and the excessive heat of the earth – even if it is not so strange in southern Italy – was evident even without measuring instruments from the boiling white stones of the beautiful city and the air unbreathable in the central hours of the day. Some of us, less accustomed to the weather, also felt sick from the heat.

The issue of climate change is something that worries and distresses our entire generation, which for some years has been sensitized and enlightened by the action of Greta Thunberg and the Fridays For Future fight, an action that cannot and must not be dropped.

Furthermore, within a year or two, our entire generation will be called to vote and it is very important to be aware of which coalitions will be rightly concerned with the environmental issue.

We therefore decided to focus on what should have been our common work on this topic and we opened the Social pages of B.E.E. Active (Better Earth Education) to try to create and relaunch information on the subject.

Opening the social pages and making them work while we were together was simple, creative, challenging and fun. Working remotely instead, everyone immersed in their own reality, was more tiring, but we still managed to carry on a conversation, also telling the stories of our territories, our opinions and our active experiences.

The legacy of the project is that the B.E.E. Active are now open and available to the group as a possibility for exchanging information and stories from different territories on the subject of the environment and climate change, stories that at the same time remain open and available to the entire international community around the partnership of the Big Time Take Over project and to our network.


Regarding you, please don’t be late.

By the roman team of Big Time Take Over (BOBBO)



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