Creating new solutions to fight for our future

by “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center (Arianna Viale and Chiara Stefanizzi)

Being the ones who will deal with the worse part of climate change, children from all over the world begun to be one of the loudest voices demanding changes to protect their future. The tools that can be used are many and young people are constantly looking for new methods to involve and attract peers and adults: one of the most used means is certainly technology.

But why young generations are so worried about climate change? The consequences of the climate crisis are visible everyday all over the world and studies depict a worrying scenario. Adults and governments have an important role in counteracting climate change. That’s why, in recent years countries independently or represented in international organizations stipulated different agreements and policies to commit to slow down and eventually stop the crisis.

Someone could ask: where was the youth?

To remember how fundamental the requests have been made by young activists, a big example is the famous Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN Climate Change COP24 Conference in 2018. It has inspired an entire generation to mobilise with students’ strikes and actions for years. Her story it’s important because it showed us how powerful young people can be when they come together in one voice to remind the “big ones” the true priorities.

So, what can we do?

What only young people can add to the commitment against climate change is their capabilities with technology. The last generation is often scolded for its constant use of social media when it should be prised on how so many uses them as a tool to spread awareness on important issues. The fight against climate change is no exception. The web is full of content created to educate the public on the problem: from suggestion on how to have a more sustainable lifestyle to very easy but yet detailed explanations of causes and consequences of climate change. The amusing part is the never-ending imagination of young people that let a very different public find a very different style of contents.

The young generations are truly aware of the danger to do not have a future because of climate change and for this reason, they are not wasting time: they demand to be involved here and now in the decisions that will affect them more than anyone. International organisations and countries are starting to realise that the youth’s contribution is fundamental not only because they are the one at more risk but also because of their unique approaches. Indeed, all around the world there are countless projects where young people are included in raising awareness about climate. Examples can be: youth representatives conference where they can discuss the topic with experts and policy-makers, volunteering experience in climate affected communities or in protected natural areas, running educational programmes and so many more. The success of these projects is visible both in the number of people involved and in the positive results: a clear demonstration of youth engagement’s importance.

Even if there is still so much to do, the increasing attention towards the topic brought to light by the young generations raises hopes for the future!


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