Interesting youth initiatives in Silesia

Words by Oliwia Mańka, Foundation ARTeria

Various initiatives were proposed as part of the “Youth Activity Centre” project, pursued within the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, which is co-financed by European Union funds. All of the suggestions were meant to promote the social and professional activation of young people in the broad sense. Let’s take a look at the initiatives that were chosen last year!

Some fun for children and their pets

The event called “Strefa Zwierzoraju” (“Pet Paradise Zone”) took place on September 18th. Numerous activities were provided, such as an obstacle course for pets, entertainment for children organised by the members of the Youth Activity Centre, and a magic show. The main goal of the event was education – how to take care of your pet properly and what responsibilities are involved. Another great aspect of the initiative was raising money for foundations and organisations that actively help homeless animals.

Discovering the beauty of Katowice

“Poszukiwanie CAMienia” (“The search for the stone” – the word ‘stone’ here contains the Youth Activity Centre’s acronym in Polish)  was another interesting initiative. It focused on a field game and it took place in November. The activity combined travelling with the usage of QR codes – they were placed in interesting places around the city, for example the famous Spodek. Solving riddles and searching for the next checkpoints certainly was great fun. The codes stayed after the game, so everyone can use them to get to know more about Katowice!

Time to be eco!

The third initiative I would like to describe here is Centrum Edukacji Ekologicznej i Społecznej (Social and Ecological Education Centre) pursued by Kooperatywa Ekoszutka. Its goal was to educate people on the importance of eco activities through various workshops, which concerned, for example, growing your own vegetables at home. They also promoted vegan cuisine – they organised an event, whose aim was to teach people how to cook plant-based dishes.

All in all, you can see that many interesting youth activities take place in Silesia. They concern various themes and subjects, so any person can find something exciting for themselves. Would you like to discover what Silesia can offer you?



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