The modern world, influencers and “takeover”

Article by Jakub Karch – ARTeria Foundation

Nowadays, we live more and more not only in the real world, but also in the virtual one. Social media has spread extensively all over the world. Thanks to them, we can quickly establish contact with anyone on the other side of the world. Professions related to social media were also created. The most distinctive and perhaps the most recognizable profession that exists on social media is an influencer.

A few words about influencers

Who is an influencer? This is a person who, using social media, entertains us, common, “passive” users of Instagram or TikTok. The subject matter that influencers deal with on their account is completely arbitrary – such people usually share their passions and interests with others, publish their achievements, be it professional, life or any related (or not) to the subject of their channel. Very often, influencers form groups, share their posts with each other in order to reach the widest possible audience. The subject matter in which they specialize does not necessarily have to be common – on the contrary. If several influencers have a different audience, establishing such cooperation allows you to reach a new audience.

However, the cooperation of influencers does not always have to be long-term. Very often, two (or more) of these people make a so-called “takeover”. What is such an action?

Takeover – the perfect way to gain popularity?

Takeover is an activity aimed at increasing the diversity of an influencer’s profile. It consists in the fact that we make our account available for e.g. one day to another person, not necessarily an influencer, so that they can run our channel, post their posts on it. This action works with reciprocity, thanks to which both sides gain many benefits. What kind? Takeover allows you to look at our business from a different angle, it gives a fresh breath of something new, something worth introducing in our business. Another benefit is gaining a new audience that “came” to us from the channel of the other person with whom we are “taking over”. Takeover can be compared to a guest appearance on a TV program or an interview with a famous celebrity, etc.

Takover and the BiTTO project

The aim of the “BigTime Takeover” project is, among other things, to disseminate the activities of young, creative people who would like to participate in social media. The promotion of their activities may be helped by, inter alia, “takover”, thanks to which the activities of a young person in the creative sector will reach a wider audience. The more positive activity we promote with our project takover, the greater the chance is to straighten the original assumptions of influencers, who nowadays very often only advertise questionable products.




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